Designed from the ground up for customer centric businesses. Clicks`n`Bricks works for Retailers, Wholesalers and Service businesses. Built to run on any computer from anywhere. Works with Windows, iOS, Apple, Linux and Android. If it has a browser Clicks`n`Bricks will work.

Hosted and Supported

Clicks`n`Bricks is hosted software assuring you have the most up to date version as well as support and data backups. With this hosted service we do the technical stuff, offer you support services and back up your data. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser, we handle the rest.

Open Source Version

Clicks`n`Bricks is open source software that may be downloaded from our SourceForge site and run on your own equipment at no charge as per the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE. Support is not offered for this version of the program. For more information please see our readme file at Sourceforge.

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